[Android] Clash of Clans Game Hack

Clash of Clans Android Hack

We would like to introduce our Android Clash of Clans Game Hack. It’s version 2.1.1 Updated, no jailbreak, 100% safe and undetectable. If you don’t want to spend some money for extra facilities just try our free little hack. All you need is this file and USB connection with your iOS device. Then follow the video and enjoy your free Gems, Gold, Elixir and more – it’s up to you! Why our Clash of Clans Game Hack is the safest one? It’s adding game facilities randomly +-10% of value you’ll write in app which makes it completely undetectable. In CoC modified files as hacks = 100% ban. Why? Imagine that one day 10 thousands people will get exactly 1000000 of gold or something. What’s better, you’re limits aren’t raising using those hacks so you can have 1000000 gold when you can have maximum 50000? Our app is detecting how much you want to add, adding random velue and raising maximum limits so it looks 100% legit. Our hack app has a free update feature so every game update we’ll release new version for free, it takes up to 48 hours so if it doesn’t work just wait up to 2 days :) Like our facebook page, follow our twitter or our feed for newest info about our released files!

Clash of Clans Game Hack App

Clash of Clans Game Hacked


  • Unlimietd Coins
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited Elixir
  • Shield Hack



  • Download Clash of Clans Game Hack App below
  • Connect your phone via USB
  • Run Clash of Clans game on your device
  • Launch our Hack App
  • Follow the video



  • Tested: Yes -  Android (HTC One V – Android 4.0)
  • Anti-ban protection: Yes
  • Undetectable: Yes
  • Working with: iOS

  • Jailbreak: No
  • Root: No


Does this Hack work?

472 Votes for Yes/ 10 For NO


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Author: GamesIsle View all posts by
Hello bloggers, i'm Tom and i'm programmer. If you're intrested why i'm doing those hacks the answer is simple -> i hate when developpers want us to pay a lot of money for extra facilities. Games can be expensive but when we want to buy some gold or something it's not fair it cost so much.

43 Comments on "[Android] Clash of Clans Game Hack"

  1. batoul batoul Saturday, 12:07 PM at - Reply


  2. Keks Nec Friday, 06:51 AM at - Reply

    Survey dont works i done the survey but he wont pass me !!!!!!!!!!

    • Admin Friday, 12:33 PM at - Reply

      Country/survey? i don’t understand this i had some downloads today..

  3. Patrick Thursday, 10:28 PM at - Reply

    hahahaha great!! i bet with my mate who will build bigger village, if i win i send you 50% :DD

  4. David Friday, 06:14 AM at - Reply

    Holy crap this game was freakin me out with 2 builders, those extra gems really helped a lot!!

  5. AmAzInG Saturday, 06:34 PM at - Reply

    nothing to add, just perfect

  6. tamikaramsay Saturday, 07:48 PM at - Reply

    i agree, it works great, finally got 5 builders what makes playing better :P

  7. Elway Tuesday, 04:29 PM at - Reply

    Finally working one for android, thanks mate!

  8. jaressyyy Sunday, 05:42 AM at - Reply

    Extra gems, it rules for real :D

  9. Diego992 Sunday, 05:48 AM at - Reply

    Works for me too! Thanks mate

  10. J3zzy Monday, 06:29 PM at - Reply

    working great, lot of gems!!
    by the way if someone can’t download it then try “Get a new PS4!” survey, i passed it easily. Im from us by the way, i’m waiting for more hacks :))

  11. Kriss Thursday, 06:47 PM at - Reply

    that’s how new users building their empire… i hope it will work, i can’t pass even silver league :/

  12. maxx Friday, 01:21 AM at - Reply

    my village never was so strong before, you rule dude!

  13. juhas Friday, 07:36 AM at - Reply

    tons, tons, tons of gems :O best way to build unbeatable empire ;)

  14. Gilles Friday, 08:36 PM at - Reply

    Thank you my friend from France, it’s truly amazing. Works so far, appreciate for gems <3

  15. Greg Sunday, 08:36 AM at - Reply

    Wow!! truly amazing, its best CoC hack i’ve ever seen, working really fast and simply :) My clan is going to the top now :P

  16. gems! Sunday, 01:35 PM at - Reply

    Gems, gems, gems everywhere :D you rule mate, i’m building my own clan now ;)

  17. nina Tuesday, 02:32 AM at - Reply

    hah that’s how some players building unbeatable empires? cause it’s possible, after using this hack my village is bigger about 4 times :o

  18. coc hack! Tuesday, 11:13 PM at - Reply

    how did you make it work? ;O its freakin amazing, fastest hack i saw..

  19. cris858 Wednesday, 01:51 AM at - Reply

    it just rules!

  20. Lolly Wednesday, 07:38 AM at - Reply

    I had CoC hack but i was curious if it works and it is actually! Worth to download because it’s even 3x faster than this one i tested before ;)

  21. G96 Wednesday, 08:41 AM at - Reply

    my village love this hack a lot so do i, playing with 5 builders is more interesting than playing with only 2.. Thx Gamesisle

  22. mandiie Wednesday, 07:42 PM at - Reply

    Finally someone who cares about the others, most of those hacks are fakes or not updating all the time. Here – i opened the app, it downloaded newest version and it actually really worked ;)

  23. G7 Wednesday, 10:09 PM at - Reply

    I love Gamesisle ,, Gem Gem lol

  24. clash of clanshack Friday, 08:41 AM at - Reply

    like i see im not the only one who hates expensive gems purchaces… finally got this one and i don’t have to by worry if i can afford something

  25. DoubleS Friday, 05:03 PM at - Reply

    I have a little question, it won’t delete my game progress, cause ban of something?

    • GamesIsle Saturday, 04:02 PM at - Reply

      course it won’t ;) if you connect your phone, app is making a copy of datafiles, just for sure you won’t lose your progress

  26. me Friday, 10:21 PM at - Reply

    how the hell it’s working, fckin amazing :DD

  27. michael Monday, 02:06 AM at - Reply

    works with my htc one v ;)

  28. jacob Monday, 07:48 PM at - Reply

    Freakin perfect, fuck those unbeatable mates, i’ll beat them all now

  29. Wil Tuesday, 02:18 PM at - Reply

    Which survey you recommend for UK?

    • GamesIsle Thursday, 07:48 AM at - Reply

      I’m not sure.. I got most downloads by those two – “Join Lovefilm and start watching movies online!” and “You can WIN an iPhone 5!” so good luck with it

  30. Ricky Wednesday, 08:57 AM at - Reply

    That is definately best Clash of Clans hack in web, i got banned in 3 days using another hacks, i used this one about 3 weeks ago and all looks fine so far, i hope forever! Thank you :)

  31. emil Friday, 10:14 AM at - Reply

    Appreciate the recommendation. Let me try it out.

  32. Cindy Saturday, 08:37 PM at - Reply

    woooow i passed survey for the first time, all UK friends if you’re having troubles with downloading just try “Download the Ultimate DJ Mixing Software Free!” :>>

  33. BarbarianKing Thursday, 12:49 PM at - Reply

    Hahaha that’s gorgeous, i thought i’d to wait damn week for x-bow but with those gems i’ll build it immediately :))

  34. Kasey Thursday, 04:54 PM at - Reply

    How about little help with downloading? i really need it but cant pass downloading.. damn.. and hm, im Canadian ;)

    • GamesIsle Thursday, 05:58 PM at - Reply

      Sure, not a problem! Try one of those: Download Angry Birds and start playing! Quick & Easy! or Have An Opinion? Earn Cool Prizes! Learn More!, plenty of downloads so it shouldn’t be very challanging to download ;)

  35. Goblinbeater Wednesday, 04:18 PM at - Reply

    Maybe it’s silly but i didn’t know about clash of clans so far, i started playing boom beach but it’s not even 50% as good as COC! This Clash of Clans Game Hack is great for a good start with game :) I got TH4 in 2 days so it’s really helpful. You got my sub, i’ll be looking for more stuff.

  36. cOC Thursday, 04:15 AM at - Reply

    We won every single clan war till i’m using this hack for gems :D great product bro ;)

  37. Gemsowner Sunday, 09:14 PM at - Reply

    Definately best Clash of Clans Game Hack in web, i used it 3 times to add gems and didn’t got banned yet, looks like it’s really undetectable.. Great job guys ;)

  38. ricky Monday, 08:15 AM at - Reply

    That’s beautiful, at first i bought maximum value of builders then i build TH10 with gems, haha it’s so easy!

  39. Pats1992 Monday, 07:57 PM at - Reply

    That hack is gorgeus because in this game it’s all about gems, it helped me to make progress in my village faster :)

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