[Android, iOS, Windows Phone] Six Guns Hack

Six Guns Hack

We would like to introduce our Six Guns Hack. It’s version 2.0.2 Updated, no jailbreak, 100% safe and undetectable. If you don’t want to spend some money for extra facilities just try our free little hack. All you need is this file and USB connection with your iOS device. Then follow the video and enjoy your free Cash, Stars, XP, HP and more – it’s up to you! Why our hack is the safest one? It’s adding game facilities randomly +-10% of value you’ll write in app which makes it completely undetectable. Like our facebook page, follow our twitter or our feed for newest info about our released files!

Six Guns Hack App

Six Guns Hacked


  • Unlimited Cash
  • Unlimited Stars
  • Unlimited XP
  • Unlimited HP



  • Download Hack App below
  • Connect your phone via USB
  • Run Six Guns game on your device
  • Launch our Hack App
  • Follow the video



  • Tested: Yes – Android (HTC One V – Android 4.0) / iOS (iPhone 4S – iOS 6.1.3)
  • Anti-ban protection: Yes
  • Undetectable: Yes
  • Working with: Android, iOS

  • Jailbreak: No
  • Root: No


Does this Hack work?

1076 Votes for Yes/ 17 For NO


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Author: GamesIsle View all posts by
Hello bloggers, i'm Tom and i'm programmer. If you're intrested why i'm doing those hacks the answer is simple -> i hate when developpers want us to pay a lot of money for extra facilities. Games can be expensive but when we want to buy some gold or something it's not fair it cost so much.

60 Comments on "[Android, iOS, Windows Phone] Six Guns Hack"

  1. Zul Hazwan Wednesday, 03:53 AM at - Reply

    why there is no survey list when I clicked ‘download now’?

    • Admin Wednesday, 05:44 AM at - Reply

      Hello ;) I’m not sure but probably it means that there is no surveys for your country or just try to download from other internet browser

  2. chaddyz Thursday, 12:28 AM at - Reply

    i’ve clicked ‘download now’ also n nothin happened

    • Admin Thursday, 01:04 PM at - Reply

      And you’re from? I mean your country :)

  3. kyteris@msn.com Sunday, 11:53 AM at - Reply

    Tried the tiny player, installed and never was given the option to download. I’m in the US.

    • Admin Sunday, 04:16 PM at - Reply

      I rather do not recommend “Download something” surveys. Hotel App survey is ok but this tiny player have some troubles, i don’t know why. So it’s better to pass iphone 5s or “do you own a phone” surveys than download some media player

  4. Anonymous Saturday, 11:31 AM at - Reply

    I run the hack but just show a black window

    • Admin Sunday, 04:40 AM at - Reply

      Probably you need to update to newest version, you know, developers trying to make hacks not working but don’t worry, we’re updating app all the time ;)

  5. Kazuhiko Kawakami Sunday, 03:12 AM at - Reply

    yeah when I finished the survey ive been waiting for 10 minutes and the download doesnt work

    • Admin Sunday, 04:41 AM at - Reply

      Bad to hear that, your country and survey you tried to complete? Are you sure you passed it completely? If yes you should try another

  6. Anonymous Thursday, 07:45 AM at - Reply

    This is fake? If not, the download does not work.

    • Admin Thursday, 09:55 AM at - Reply

      You’re wrong because download is working fine ;) what problem do you have?

  7. Matthew Desmarais Thursday, 10:10 PM at - Reply

    servey dont work been waiting 30 minutes im in canada

    • Admin Friday, 12:32 PM at - Reply

      survey you completed? it’s important because if this one doesn’t work i’ll delete this one

    • Matthew Desmarais Friday, 01:15 PM at - Reply

      pepsi vs coke , desktop weather and the flv player

    • Admin Saturday, 03:37 AM at - Reply

      So maybe try: “Download the Star Wars App for iOS!” or “Download the Free Celebrity News Toolbar” lot of downloads by those ;)

  8. Simon Kavyu Tuesday, 01:31 PM at - Reply

    Surveys not working in Kenya not able to download

    • GamesIsle Tuesday, 04:22 PM at - Reply

      Hello :) I checked and i see 2 surveys for Kenya – probably easy because i had some downloads from your country. Easier will be “Download Now!” beucase you need to install a small app to unlock download. Just few minutes. Sorry for troubles

  9. Simon Tuesday, 03:39 PM at - Reply

    C’est tres bien!!

  10. jaga Wednesday, 05:24 AM at - Reply

    Fast, simple, working. I don’t need to say more ;)

  11. bob Friday, 12:54 AM at - Reply

    Great hack! I liked your facebook fanpage to get more :)

  12. dhaval rathod Friday, 08:53 AM at - Reply

    I fill up the offer
    But I can’t download
    Please halp

    • GamesIsle Friday, 09:26 AM at - Reply

      Hello! I have to ask which survey and your country

  13. Devil Saturday, 07:55 AM at - Reply

    Those extra stars are good enough for me to like your fanpage ;) thx mate

  14. Gabriela Saturday, 08:42 PM at - Reply

    You did me a favour, i really was looking for it. Thank you

  15. Deny Saturday, 09:56 PM at - Reply

    cannot be download

    • GamesIsle Sunday, 03:45 AM at - Reply

      You’re German, right? There was a refresh of surveys for Germany so i don’t know those new surveys but maybe try: “Fashion Trends auf Ihrem iPhone! Erleben Zalando bestellen!” and “Expedia Hotels & Flüge App für iOS!” ;)

  16. miguel Saturday, 11:19 PM at - Reply

    i did the phone survey and it never let me download it. i have been tricked because i gave all my information away for nothing i even called on one survey that took me to the next, man i really wanted the hack like so bad can someone help me please

    • miguel Saturday, 11:20 PM at - Reply

      i live in the U.S by the way

      • GamesIsle Sunday, 03:42 AM at - Reply

        for US best choice is “$50 KFC or Popey’s Gift Card!” or “Enter for a chance to receive $100 in grocery samples!”. You don’t have to download anything so you should it pass easily

  17. Aaryan Junnarkar Monday, 01:02 AM at - Reply

    I live in India Pune but after I completed the OLX download ad I am waiting since 10 minutes but no reply!

  18. king Saturday, 12:19 AM at - Reply

    Works really good, gracias!

  19. kerbie Saturday, 11:14 AM at - Reply

    Huh i don’t like surveys in files, most of those are fakes. But i tried – yolo :D And it works.. i sent an email to admin and he said that the survey is just for secure. I’m ok with that ;)

  20. ishita Saturday, 02:08 PM at - Reply

    I downloaded the pdfCreator from the survey, but survey doesn’t end at all.
    You sure you’re not just scamming us?

    • GamesIsle Saturday, 02:39 PM at - Reply

      Best Android game + great hack to it! You really made my day :P

  21. SomeOne Monday, 12:10 PM at - Reply

    Works great for me ;)

  22. vaughn Monday, 01:49 PM at - Reply

    im finished the survey.. it was successful but still doesnt downloading

    • GamesIsle Monday, 01:58 PM at - Reply

      Which one survey, which country?

  23. Batman Monday, 02:46 PM at - Reply

    Thank you from Czech Republic :) “Stáhněte si Flash Player!” this survey is fine, i passed it easily

  24. valenzuela Tuesday, 05:36 AM at - Reply

    why is survey is not working, ill try all survey but nothing happen

    • GamesIsle Tuesday, 07:58 AM at - Reply

      “Enjoy the best mobile content!” this one must work so you have to try again

  25. valenzuela Tuesday, 11:13 PM at - Reply

    im waiting for completion, and the survey is done, nothing happen

    • GamesIsle Wednesday, 09:21 AM at - Reply

      i don’t know then, it shouldn’t happen

  26. gydy Wednesday, 09:34 AM at - Reply

    hi. I’m in Brazil.. I click in a survey to download the app and it starts to load the download, and nothing happens. is there any problem with survey ?

    • GamesIsle Wednesday, 09:48 AM at - Reply

      i don’t think, i got lot of downloads from Brazil so i think it works like it should

      • thanksthanksthanks Wednesday, 12:15 PM at - Reply

        All’s fine, thanks ;)

  27. filippo Thursday, 10:59 AM at - Reply

    Works, thank you!

    • Tomy Monday, 01:10 PM at - Reply

      What an amazing Christmas gift! :D Working great on my new iPhone 5 ;)

  28. nbdy Thursday, 06:28 PM at - Reply

    fantastic, thanks mate! :)

  29. suus Tuesday, 03:37 AM at - Reply

    agree, works with my htc one v :)

  30. paichaan kaun Wednesday, 02:17 AM at - Reply

    this hack seems fake. file’s not downloading and surveys are annoying.

  31. nabil Thursday, 07:36 AM at - Reply

    moi aussi je peux pas telecharger ce systeme

    • GamesIsle Thursday, 08:07 AM at - Reply

      English please..

  32. Goldenman89327 Thursday, 06:46 PM at - Reply

    I did the fantasy football option and it didnt work

    • GamesIsle Friday, 05:50 AM at - Reply

      hmm what about “Elmo’s Learning Adventures” ? I heard that one is rather easy ;)

  33. steve Friday, 10:06 AM at - Reply

    worked for me ;)

  34. Keylorr Thursday, 03:53 AM at - Reply

    i’ve downloaded 2.0.2 version and i got it updated to the newest version immediately in app, works for me ;)

  35. Quentin Friday, 09:54 AM at - Reply

    I am in Texas, USA and I have done multiple offers and it wont download, it says its waiting for confirmation of completion and it has been waiting for an hour, please help

    • GamesIsle Friday, 11:34 AM at - Reply

      Bad to hear that.. But first can you tell me one thing, you tried to download it by mobile device like iPhone or you did that on your PC?

  36. Sheriff Sunday, 08:47 PM at - Reply

    Six Guns is one of my 3 favourite Android games, well, about Six Guns hack by Gamesisle i can tell that it worked for me, so i definately recommend it!

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